About St. John's Health Foundation

We are all about health. Yours and our hospital’s. We help advance the efforts of St. John’s Health by raising the financial resources to help keep facilities and technology first-rate and to fund programs and assistance for thousands of patients each year. We are honored by your donations. A healthy hospital is truly the foundation of a healthy community.

History & Mission

Our History

St. John’s Health Foundation was founded in 1999 by long-time Jackson community members Addie Donnan, James Eden, David Stokes, John Valiante, Shirley Cheramy, and Gloria Newton. Their collective goal was to increase awareness of services available at St. John’s Health and provide financial support to ensure the hospital’s long-term independence. Since its inception, Foundation supporters have made hospital growth possible and continue to bring the founders’ vision to life.

Our Mission

To secure philanthropic support to advance the mission and strategic objectives of St. John's Health, an independent hospital providing our unique community and visitors with exceptional and ever-advancing individualized care.

Why Give?

  • Simplifying Access to Patient Support Funding

    In an effort to replace and streamline the previous system, a new Universal Application for patient financial support has been implemented within St. John’s Health Foundation. “Previously, when a patient was referred to the Foundation for patient support, it was done through a number of channels. We ...

  • Employee Wellness

    Well-implemented workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs. The St. John’s Health Wellness Department creates sustainable employee programming that is budget-conscious, evidence-based, ...

  • Behavioral Health for Staff

    It is well documented that health care can be a stressful line of work. However, St. John’s Health employees know they have a place to turn when they are feeling distressed. Rather than being worried about the cost or putting off seeking care, employees can now be proactive with their own wellbeing. ...

  • Period Project

    Across the US, one in five girls and women miss school because of their period, and Jackson Hole is no exception. St. John’s Health Foundation has joined forces with the Period Project — an effort helmed by Maggie Land, dedicated St. John’s Episcopal Church volunteer — to eliminate period poverty in ...