Kelly Biscombe

  • Date Submitted: Dec 4, 2023
  • Category: Staff Story

As a Nurse Practitioner at St. John’s Health Urgent Care, Kelly Biscombe has been a part of the St. John’s community for over 16 years. Beginning her journey as a CNA, she has continuously pursued the next level in her own education and skills — an effort that has been supported both by the leadership within the hospital system and St. John’s Health Foundation.

“The generous scholarships that St. John’s Health Foundation offer are fantastic, and they demonstrate the organization’s commitment both to the valley and to St. John’s Health,” she observes, noting that the financial support empowered her to continue furthering her education both locally and at regional facilities. By investing in the excellence of staff, Kelly observes, the Foundation is directly investing in the quality of care that community members receive.

“Because St. John’s is an independent hospital, it allows us to focus on our community. It’s a high-quality place to work,” she says. “People are really trying to do a good job, do the right thing.” It’s this dedication to individual patients and the wider community that makes Kelly feel like a valued member of an exceptional team, and confident that the services provided by St. John’s Health are meeting — if not exceeding — the community’s needs.

Kelly treasures her role within the St. John’s Health organization and values the fact that patient care and excellent outcomes are prioritized over profit. “We’re all striving to be a great team, and St. John’s Foundation supports that effort in so many ways,” she says.