Donna & Michael Coles

  • Date Submitted: Jun 7, 2023
  • Category: Donor Story

“ The staff is amazing, and the award-winning team deserves all we can do.”

Donna and Michael Coles had been spending an increasing amount of time in Jackson Hole for four decades before settling in full-time in 2016, when Michael was unexpectedly diagnosed with a tumor at St. John’s Health. The Coles were no strangers to the diversity of ways in which the hospital supports and cares for the community, and they were glad to know that excellent care was available in their hometown. In addition to exceptional medical intervention, the Coles treasured the warmth and genuine compassion among the staff of St. John’s Health.

Not only are they glad to have received such unsurpassed care, they’re avid supporters of St. John’s Health Foundation so that other community members can rely on the resource as well. “It’s important that St. John’s is able to provide the very best care for the community,” says Michael. A key to continuing excellence? Staying independent, Michael explains.

“Once healthcare becomes about the bottom line, quality suffers. We’re so fortunate to have a hospital of this caliber in our community,” he adds. Donna, an equally passionate advocate for St. John’s Health and St. John's Health Foundation, collaborates with the St. John’s Health Auxiliary to ensure that all facets of local programming are supported. “We all work together,” she explains. “The staff is amazing, and the award-winning team deserves all we can do.”

As volunteers, advocates, and generous donors to St. John's Health Foundation, Donna and Michael understand that the resources available through St. John’s Health are priceless to the individuals and families across the community, and they’re dedicated to ensuring that excellence continues to define all aspects of services.