Ted Staryk

  • Date Submitted: Jun 13, 2023
  • Category: Donor Story

Serving on St. John's Health Foundation board for over seven years, Ted Staryk is a fierce supporter of the ways in which St. John’s Health serves members of the community — as well as visitors — with a unique combination of big-city quality and small-town warmth. “We have a world class hospital, and our community should be extremely proud of this incredible asset,” he says.

“The goal of St. John's Health Foundation is a strong and respectful partnership with St. John’s Health, and to help strengthen services that are available to the community.” Ted believes that keeping St. John’s Health as an independent hospital — free from a larger corporate system — is critical to cultivating ongoing excellence. “As an independent hospital, it really is for the community,” he says. “Some services that St. John’s offers do generate income, and some don’t. But we’re committed to keeping the services that are important to serve the community. If the hospital was under a f0r-profit model, we could lose some of those programs. That would be a huge loss for the community.”

Ted admires how St. John’s Health navigated the uncertainty of the pandemic. “I’m appreciative of how everyone stepped up around mental health and leading in a collaborative way with other advocates and providers,” he reflects. “None of this would have happened without an excellent staff and a hardworking, dedicated board.”

As Ted looks ahead, he sees plenty of opportunity for St. John's Health Foundation to continue supporting St. John’s Health, and help develop creative solutions to ongoing and emerging challenges. “We can’t be world class without world class techs, nurses, and doctors,” he observes. Finding stable, reliable housing for staff at all levels is a multifaceted issue, but in conjunction with St. John’s Health, St. John's Health Foundation is looking for ways to tackle this critical challenge.