Behavioral Health for Staff

  • Date Submitted: Feb 15, 2024
  • Category: Impact Story

It is well documented that health care can be a stressful line of work. However, St. John’s Health employees know they have a place to turn when they are feeling distressed. Rather than being worried about the cost or putting off seeking care, employees can now be proactive with their own wellbeing. All St. John’s Health employees seeking individual counseling services can receive financial support from St. John’s Health Foundation.

Through generous donations the Foundation covers the remaining costs of services after insurance has been billed. This program has made a direct impact on the mental wellbeing of the individuals who take advantage of this support, in turn allowing hospital staff to care for our community at the highest level.

“We are seeing healthier and happier employees showing up to work to treat our community. St. John’s Health Foundation really understands what it means to support our employees holistically.” - Lindsay Long, MSW, LCSW Behavioral Health Manager & Mental Health Resource Coordinator