Making the Ultimate Lemonade - Local Kids Donate to Foundation

  • Date Submitted: Feb 15, 2024
  • Category: Donor Story

It had been a normal Monday in the office for the St. John’s Health Foundation team when they heard an eager knock at the door. Four 8 year olds burst in with a large, black briefcase and shared that they were ready to make a donation from their lemonade stand.

Best friends Sam, Lulav, Nili, and Charlie woke up that hot, July morning inspired to make cold lemonade for the neighborhood passersby. Before they set up their supplies, they discussed how they would use their proceeds. Should they buy something? Should they save it? Should they donate it? It didn’t take long for them to mutually agree that they should “save a few lives” by making a donation to St. John’s Health, right across the street.

After a busy couple of hours selling lemonade, they felt ready to make their donation. They loaded up their secure briefcase and made their way to St. John’s Health Foundation. The Foundation team greeted the young philanthropists and helped them count the bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies that they had worked hard for. The final amount was $60.15 and the staff shook each donor’s hand and thanked them for their selfless donation to St. John’s Health Foundation and St. John’s Health.

The visit from Sam, Lulav, Nili, and Charlie serves as an important reminder that every single dollar makes a difference when supporting the health of our hospital and the patients it serves. From lemons, these kids made the ultimate lemonade.