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What is Robot-Assisted Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery?

What is Robot-Assisted Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery?

When it comes to knee and hip pain, it’s not uncommon for your once active lifestyle to feel like it’s just not possible anymore. However, several treatment options can help alleviate pain and give you back the mobility you need to explore the beautiful sights of Jackson, Wyoming.

If you’ve tried all non-surgical treatment options, and are still living with knee or hip pain, here’s why you should consider a robotic-assisted replacement:

Who Can Benefit From Robotic-Assisted Replacements?

If you’ve exhausted all other forms of pain management, surgery might be the best option for you. A knee or hip replacement can help you get back your quality of life. Now with St. John’s new robotic-arm system, total knee, and hip replacement surgeries are entirely transformed into a streamlined, precise process.

Helps Control Planning

With virtual 3D modeling, your surgeon will fully complete your plan with the robotic system. Based on your unique anatomy, they will determine implant size, alignment, and orientation, all before even entering the operating room.

Extremely Precise Surgery

The Stryker Mako Robotic Arm system allows your surgeon to consider your anatomy when creating your surgical plan; this leads to an almost personalized implant and more successful results.

Your surgeon will validate the plan and guide the robotic arm throughout the surgery. If any adjustment needs to be made, they can do so through the arm. With the robotic arm controlling the positioning, the surgeon will not be allowed to go outside the planned dimensions, leading to unparalleled precision and better positioning of the implant. Furthermore, real-time video footage will give your surgeon better access to hard-to-see areas.

Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in Jackson, WY

Knee and hip pain can drastically diminish your quality of life. With robotic joint replacement surgery, you can be on the road to a pain-free, active lifestyle in no time. Talk to one of the providers at St. John’s Peak Joint & Spine Center to learn more about your treatment options.