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St. John’s & The Community

Supporting a Healthy Jackson Hole

Medical services don’t amount to much if they don’t meet the needs of the community. We consider ourselves proud members of Teton County and want to do more to help you, our friends and neighbors, be the happiest and healthiest you can be. In our 100+ years in Jackson Hole, we have seen it grow into a vibrant, beautiful town with plenty to offer, and we are proud to say we have contributed to that effort through community wellness services and job opportunities.

The following are some of the ways

  • Public Health – Together with the Teton County Health Department, we offer info, resources, and health services to promote and protect the health of our community members. Learn More
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) The annual CHNA is a survey of the general health condition of the community to determine what health issues local residents experience the most and how we can help prevent them. The results of this program help us decide which services to expand upon moving forward to better meet the needs of the community. Learn More
  • Economic Growth – Our community reach extends beyond wellness. St. John’s is a major employer of local residents. During fiscal year 2014, St. John’s paid $32 million in employee salaries and $8 million in payments to local vendors. With the ripple effect, this resulted in even greater economic value for the community.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – You can contribute to health care in Jackson Hole. Our volunteers and volunteens contribute valuable services and spend quality time with patients, residents, and families. Learn More
  • Hitching Post Workforce Housing Redevelopment Project – SJH will utilize the 1.65 acres to meet the health, safety, and welfare needs of the community by building workforce rental units for employees, staff on- call rooms, and short-term lodging for out-of-town patients and families. Learn More
  • Sustainability – We're committed to protecting and preserving the environment through annual goals, cost-effective business practices, and guiding principles. St. John's has received numerous national environmental excellence awards over the years and strives to continue this proven track record. Learn More
  • Sage Living – Long-term care for our community is offered through Sage Living. This is a nursing home facility that provides compassionate care to elderly residents and others who need more involved medical needs. We do not simply address the resident’s condition, we cater to their needs as a person and strive to give them a better quality of life. Learn More
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