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A healthy human greatly depends on a healthy environment.

St. John’s Health is committed to protecting and preserving the environment by promoting cost-effective business practices consistent with the following principles:

  • We will meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations
  • We support and encourage recycling of the materials used within the hospital
  • We minimize waste and ensure that contaminated waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • We encourage the use of alternate transportation through financial and other incentives
  • We purchase products that contain recyclable or reusable materials whenever possible
  • We practice water conservation and energy efficiency
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible
  • We strive to eliminate the emissions of toxins or dangerous substances into the air, water, or earth
  • We participate with organizations, businesses, and the public to encourage environmentally three people accepting environmental excellence awardresponsible practices within our community and state.

Environmental Excellence Award

2019 Practice Green Health Goals

  1. Food Composting: Start a food composting program including kitchen staff education to increase our recycling rate 4% by diverting 18 tons of food waste from the landfill.
  2. Energy: Complete our energy audit and initiate an energy project based on the results of the audit with the goal of reducing our energy usage by 5% in the calendar year.
  3. OR Goal: The OR has 5 goals relating to energy consumption, waste disposal and recycling, and pharmaceutical waste.
  4. C & D Goal: We will strive for 80% diversion on the demolition of 1-2 buildings and on the upcoming construction of a new Long Term Care facility.
  5. Transportation: Continue our transportation staff incentive, track transportation trends with staff and work with local entities to solve transportation challenges.

Goals accomplished in 2018:

  1. Food: Increased our percent spent on sustainable foods 2% for calendar year 2018. Increased our on-site grown produce by 50 pounds.basket of veggies
  2. Transportation: Reduced our drive alone rate by 8% between the months of May and September 2018 by using a sampling survey before and after the targeted timeframe. Employees were encouraged with a per day payout for using alternative transportation. SJMC received national recognition for this innovative program.
  3. Energy: We started a comprehensive Energy audit in 2018 so that energy improvement efforts can be quantified.
  4. Recycling: Created a recycling team of more than 20 employees from more than 10 different departments and created a reward system to incentivize participation.
  5. Operating Rooms: Decreased our disposable blue wrap purchases by 7% in calendar year 2018 by providing employee education and purchasing trays to decrease use of wrap.

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