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Primary Care in Jackson, WY

Trusted Doctors, Compassionate Care

When deciding on a primary care provider (PCP), there is a lot to consider. You will undoubtedly want a doctor you can trust, that listens to your concerns, and shows a genuine interest in your overall wellbeing. This will be your first contact for most medical issues, and finding someone that meets all your criteria is a must.

What Is a Primary Care Provider?

When someone says they’re going to the doctor’s office, chances are they’re meeting with their primary care provider. A PCP is usually a doctor, but can also be a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. They act as the first contact for most medical issues, including colds, the flu, minor injuries, preventive care, annual physicals, and more. At St. John’s Health, we offer primary care through our Family Health and Internal Medicine practices.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors (internists) focus their practice on patients age 18 and older. They primarily assist patients with preventing and treating conditions that commonly affect adults, including heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary issues, and more.
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Family Health

Family doctors treat patients of all ages. People with large families often use family doctors to maintain continuity in their household’s medical care. A doctor familiar with your family’s medical history will have a good idea of your risks for certain conditions and illnesses.
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Coordinating Specialized Care

When you develop a condition that requires treatment from a medical specialist, your PCP can act as your referral. Many hospital services require a referral from your regular doctor before scheduling an appointment. Your PCP should be the person most familiar with your medical condition and risk factors.

Your PCP will also act as a coordinator for your health care team. Any surgeons, specialists, or physical therapists you work with should be in contact with your PCP so they can stay updated on your overall health and best facilitate care.