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Hitching Post Housing Redevelopment Project

St. John's Health Workforce Housing

St. John's Health owns the Hitching Post property and will utilize the 1.65 acres to meet the health, safety, and welfare needs of the community by building workforce units for employees, staff on-call rooms, and short-term lodging for out-of-town patients and families.

The project:
  • Provides vital proximate housing for key frontline and support staff at the hospital
  • Addresses SJH recruitment and retention issues recently exacerbated by the shortage of rentals, rental rate increases, and escalating home sale prices
  • Meets multiple essential lodging needs through a variety of unit types
  • Stabilizes SJH’s housing program and helps return currently leased units to the community

The Hitching Post Workforce Housing Redevelopment Project directly supports the health and safety needs of Teton County. It ensures the hospital can continue to respond 24/7/365 to the community's medical emergencies and other health needs.

SPET Ballot Initiative #6 was passed by Teton County voters in the November 2022 election.

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