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Housing Facts

Employee Housing Facts and Information

The ability of the hospital to continue providing services depends on having workforce housing nearby. Teton County, WY voters successfully approve the Hitching Post Workforce Rental Housing, On-Call Rooms, and Patient-Family rooms on the November 8, 2022 SPET ballot.

Did You Know

  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines “Affordable Housing” as “Housing on which the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of gross income for housing costs, including utilities”
  • Current Jackson market rental rates, as published by Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing, are $2,639/month for a studio/1 bedroom apartment and $4,172/month for a 2 bedroom apartment
  • In order to afford these levels of rent and meet the definition of “affordable”, an individual would need to have an annual income of $105,560 for a studio/1 BR apartment and $166,880 for a 2 BR apartment (based only on rent and not considering utility costs)
  • St. John’s Health targets its wages for hourly employees to be in the upper quartile of health care wages in the Mountain West, and the upper 10% nationally. Despite this fact, only 11% of SJH employees can afford a studio/1 BR apartment and 5% a 2 BR apartment. If we exclude management and supervisory staff, these numbers drop to 4% for a studio/1 BR and .5% for a 2 BR apartment
  • The market is not responsive to the needs of essential health care workers. St. John’s Health sets rents based on the individual employee’s wage to meet the definition of “affordable.” It is critical that St. John’s increase our availability of apartments for essential health care workers so that they can have truly affordable rents

Health Depends on Housing

As of September 2022, 56% of our staff lives in the Jackson area. This has declined by 6 percentage points in just the last year as staff are faced with increasingly unaffordable options. Now, nearly 10% of all jobs at SJH are currently vacant.

More housing for St. John’s Health is vital. Read the Hitching Post Housing Project FAQ's or download the PDF brochure.

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