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Community Health Needs Assessment

Teton County Health Statistics

Participants running in a raceThe Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is completed every three years in partnership with the Teton County Health Department. This comprehensive assessment surveys the general health of the community to determine the health issues that impact local residents most significantly and how we can help prevent them. The results of this assessment help determine future services at St. John’s Health.

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The CHNA has served as the catalyst for the formation of the community coalition, Healthy Teton County (HTC). The results of the CHNA provide a comprehensive overview of the primary health needs in Teton County, WY. HTC utilizes the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) framework developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials. Each iteration of MAPP includes at least three distinct, comprehensive assessments, multiple community meetings, a quality of life survey of residents, an examination of existing health data, and consultations with health professionals and over 30 human service organizations from across Teton County. Once the most pressing health issues are identified, we then create an implementation plan to address those issues.

Our completed CHNAs and Implementation Plans illuminate the common issues faced by Teton County residents, and what you can do to help resolve them in both your own family and the community as a whole.

Networks of Care

Healthy Teton County provides an online resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with community health. It provides information about community health services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features. Regardless of where you begin your search for assistance with community health issues, the Network of Care helps you find what you need.

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