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The 5 Benefits of Staying Active Throughout Life

The 5 Benefits of Staying Active Throughout Life

Jackson, Wyoming can be a very active area, but when chronic pain or injury hits, your activity level can suddenly begin to decrease. However, when it comes to staying mobile, there should never be an age limit. Regular physical activity can support positive mental health, lead to healthier aging, and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Five reasons why you should consider staying active every day:

1. It Can Improve Pain

Chronic pain can make it hard to move about freely, but it shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. By starting slow, modifying activities, or getting a custom plan from a physical therapist, you can improve pain while increasing mobility.

2. It Can Strengthen Muscles

The more inactive you become, the more muscle mass you’ll lose over time. With regular low impact workouts, strength training, and daily movements, you can prevent this. Most of these activities can quickly be done at home, too.

3. It Can Help Manage Other Conditions

An active lifestyle can help keep blood pressure and cholesterol down, keep lost weight off, and lead to an overall decrease in several diseases that are known to lead to an early death.

4. It Can be Low Impact

The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate activities. Exploring the sights of Jackson Hole during a brisk walk or hike, taking a few laps in the Rec Center pool, stretching, or gardening can all be great ways to get your weekly amount in.

5. It Can Increase Your Mood

Inactivity can lead to anxiety and depression. Daily activity can be a natural endorphin and mood booster. The better your mood, the more active you’ll want to be, and in Jackson, there are several beautiful reasons to get out there and stay active.

Pain Treatment in Jackson, WY

If you have a present or past injury or are dealing with chronic pain, daily activity can help ease your pain and lead to a better quality of life. Talk to one of the providers at St. John’s Peak Joint & Spine Center to learn more about treatment options. Our goal is to provide you with seamless care that gets you back to your daily activities in no time.