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Common Misconceptions of Physical Therapy

Common Misconceptions of Physical Therapy

What You Should Know About Physical Therapy

Living in Jackson, Wyoming can often come with an active lifestyle — that is when pain doesn’t get in the way. With physical therapy, many can improve their strength, balance, ambulation, and more. However, just like most forms of treatment, there can be a lot of questions surrounding it. Whether you are no stranger to physical therapy or your doctor has recently suggested it, we want to clear up some of the common misconceptions:

That Physical Therapy is Only For Serious Injuries

One of the most common misunderstandings of physical therapy is that you can only benefit from it after a significant injury, and that’s not the case. It can help with all manners of care, such as existing musculoskeletal conditions, pain management, and more.

That Therapy Will Cause Pain

Though you might experience discomfort or slight pain at the start, it’s essential to consider the overall goal. Through your physical therapy routine, your specific treatment will be customized to help build your muscles and increase mobility so you can experience less pain overall.

However, if at any point in your therapy, you are experiencing more pain than usual, discuss it with your physical therapist. Just keep in mind that while there may be slight pain here and there, the outcome will be worth it.

It Can All Be Done at Home

With the increase in technology, yes, you might be able to find some of the therapies online and practice at home, but your physical therapist will know how to create a custom plan to treat your underlying issues. Without that knowledge, you could make the condition worse.

Additionally, your therapist will be there to guide and instruct you to make sure you are using proper form. From there, they can provide you with additional at-home workouts to optimize your treatments.

That Surgery is The Only Option

Yes, for some, surgery might be needed, but there are many ways to see pain reduction through physical therapy. With consistent appointments and dedicated work, many with back, knee, or hip problems have seen success without needing surgery. Even if surgery is required, physical therapy can help improve your recovery and get you up and moving in no time.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Jackson, Wyoming

With Physical & Occupational Therapy, you’ll work closely with your medical therapists, who instruct you on exercises that will expedite your recovery, so that you can go back to your active and busy life.