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Fall Into Better Health With a Health Assessment

Fall Into Better Health With a Health Assessment

Benefits of Scheduling Your Fall Wellness Check

A periodic health assessment is a staple of good health care, yet many adults overlook the importance of this preventive measure. Back-to-school time and the start of fall is the perfect opportunity to schedule a period health assessment with your primary provider. Here’s why:

Discussing Health Concerns

There are many benefits to having periodic wellness checks. Running routine exams and talking to your provider about any concerns you may have will help them determine if you need additional screening. For instance, women should visit their primary care provider regularly, but should have regular women’s well visits as well. Men as well have a variety of regular screenings they should keep up to date with.

Update Immunizations & Medications

There are a number of vaccination schedules that adults and children should follow to ward off diseases — and your provider will keep track of your medical history to ensure you’re up to date. Additionally, certain vaccines such as the flu shot should be repeated annually, making your physical a convenient time to get vaccinated.

If you take medication for a chronic condition, you may need bloodwork to check your levels and change your dose. Additionally, your bloodwork may reveal a new condition, making getting a prescription (or changes in your physical activity level, lifestyle, diet, sleep pattern or other habits), vital to manage your health.

Build a Relationship With Your Provider

Scheduling period health assessments help build a relationship with your provider so that you feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics in the future. Whether this has to do with mental health struggles or changes in your physical health, having a physician you can trust to talk to and handle your health is vital.

Additionally, building a good relationship with your family provider can help them manage your health as well as your family’s for generations to come. You can schedule your family’s physicals at once before the school year starts!

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If you're due for a wellness check or if it's been a while since your last visit to a provider, contact your primary care provider today and schedule an appointment. Your health will thank you!

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