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St. John's Health Encourages Men to Prioritize Prevention

St. John's Health Encourages Men to Prioritize Prevention

Fun and Informative Kick-Off Event on September 22 Open to the Public

The average lifespan for men in the U.S is about 5 years less than women, and one of the main reasons is based on how men engage with their health system for preventative care. In fact, women are 33% more likely to see a health provider and twice as likely as men to schedule recommended disease prevention screenings and other preventative care appointments.

Beginning this month, St. John's Health is working to heighten awareness of this important issue that directly affects thousands of individuals in our community -- as well as the health and well-being of our families and workplaces. "We recognize that most men in Jackson Hole aren't seeing a physician until around age 50 unless they experience a health crisis or traumatic injury," said St. John's Health physician Eric Wieman, MD. "We want to highlight this concern and help you connect with a local doctor who can work with you to develop a health plan for screenings and care based on your individual risks," added Dr. Wieman.

St. John's Health will discuss this issue at the Men's Health Prioritize Prevention Kickoff Event on September 22, from 5:30-7pm on the Center for the Arts Lawn. Pinky G's Pizza and seltzers will be served. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

"You wax your skis, you change the oil on your car. Men are doing preventative maintenance for their toys, their equipment, and their vehicles. We need to shift the view to include your body as your most valuable piece of equipment," said Dr. Wieman. Being an athlete does not change your cholesterol, your genetics, or your family history of prostate or colon cancer. It's not enough to only see a physician during a health crisis. Seeing a health care provider on a regular basis is how you will continue to keep your body healthy and capable of doing the activities you love.

Wieman encourages men to see their physician annually and to start working with medical professionals as part of their lifestyle. To learn more, join Dr. Wieman and other St. John's Health provider experts on September 22 or visit


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