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Teton Mammas

  • Categories: Birth Center

About This Event

New babies and their families are invited to join us for fun, education, and camaraderie. Teton Mammas is facilitated by certified lactation consultants Carol Gregg RN, IBCLC, and Janet Wood, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ANLC, OG.

Teton Mammas schedule:

Mother-to-Mother Group that motivates, encourages & empowers parents to bond/connect with their infants and become confident in their transition to motherhood. Professional Lactation support to address challenges of breastfeeding like latching struggles, milk supply concerns and sore nipples. Guest speakers will lead discussions on specific topics such as Growth & Development, Nutrition for mothers & their children, Post-Partum Mood Disorders , Understanding Your Newborn and Women’s Health issues.

Teton Mammas group will be a hybrid meeting. In-person gatherings are limited, or if you'd prefer, a virtual meeting link can be provided. Call to learn more.

  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: For more information, including log-in information, call Lactation Support Services at 307.739.7572