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The Power of Food for Cancer survivorship

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About This Event

A healthy diet is a vital part of a cancer patient’s journey before, during and after treatment. After cancer treatment, American Institute for Cancer Research recommends that cancer survivors follow a diet that filled with a variety of whole plant-based foods - whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, and other plant foods. That’s because plant-based foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals which help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and other chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

If you want to learn why and how to incorporate more plant-based foods to reduce your risk of cancer, or of having a recurrence if you’re a survivor who has completed treatment, join our cancer survivorship cooking class. Cook along classes are designed to make individuals feel confident in the knowledge and skills needed to improve their health through nutrition.

Participants in the class can expect to:

  • Learn the significance of good nutrition as part of cancer recovery and prevention of recurrence.
  • Learn about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote or discourage disease.
  • Practical cooking skills and tips for incorporating healthful eating habits into daily life.
  • Each week will feature a cancer fighting recipe, recipes from American Institute for Cancer Research and Rebecca Katz.
  • Class facilitator will demonstrate the recipe and participants can cook along with ingredients they have been provided with to prepare during the presentation or at a later time.
  • Participants enjoy a fun and informal setting to share conversations and access registered dietitian.
  • Receive a blend of medical and culinary sciences.
  • Get empowered. Take the nutrition information, understand it, translate it into their lives with food creations made in their kitchens.

Availability: 10–12 participants/pairs meeting on Zoom. Open to cancer survivors, their family, and friends.

Event Coordinator
Katelyn Webb
Katelyn Webb Cancer Survivorship Manager 307.739.7482
  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: Contact Katelyn Webb at 307-739-7482 or to reserve your spot by January 22, 2023.