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Power Up Fitness

About This Event

Power Up is a fitness class designed specifically for people with Parkinson's Disease (although partners and friends are welcome to join). The class focuses on fitness, strength exercises, and voice exercises.

  • New Session taking place from 5/25-7/1
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 11 am.
  • $120 for the 6-week session

Meet Your Instructor:

Kim Armington has taught fitness classes for all ages for over 25 years!  She has also worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant for 13 years, specializing in Men’s and Women’s Health. Kim is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor as well as Master Teacher Trainer. She has taken hours of continuing education from educators all over the world focused on Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, Breast Cancer Recovery, shoulder mechanics and Scoliosis. Her desire to make a difference in peoples' lives comes from her own personal journey to recover mentally and physically from 4 years of constant pain. This journey gives her the ability to come into each person’s life with compassion for their individual story and desire to make change in their life.

  • Price: $120.00
  • Registration Instructions: Advanced registration is required. Email Hannah Sell, TP Admin Assistant to sign up: $120 for the 6-week session. Financial Assistance is available to those that need it.