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Jackson Hole Cardiopulmonary Services

Heart & Lung Health

Your heart and lungs play a vital role in your body and keeping them both in good shape is key to living a long, comfortable life. The cardiopulmonary department at St. John’s Health is dedicated to improving patients’ lives with high quality heart and lung health screening, treatments, and rehabilitation programs.

The cardiopulmonary department is staffed with dedicated therapists experienced in all aspects of cardiopulmonary diagnostics and rehabilitation. We provide both inpatient and outpatient services to our community.

Our services include:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation After a heart attack or cardiac event, patients are often recommended for cardiac rehab in which they work with medical professionals to create a supervised healthy diet and exercise routine and get their heart back in shape. Learn More
  • Cardiac Stress Testing – These tests are often used to diagnose heart disease. There are several types of stress tests, but all of them assess the heart’s fitness, including how much stress it can handle until it starts to act abnormally.
  • Electrocardiograms (ECG) – This is a heart test that measures electrical activity in the heart. These readings help to diagnose chest pain, irregular heartbeats, and heart disease.
  • Electroencephalograms (EEG) –This is used to record electrical activity in the brain, and is often used to review brain damage from a stroke.
  • Heart Monitors – live monitoring up to 30 days for cardiac events
  • Holter Monitoring – A holter monitor is a portable ECG that is attached to the patient’s chest through electrodes for a one, two, or 7 days. Patients go home and continue their daily routine while wearing the device which records irregular activity in the heart. After the test the doctor reviews the results.
  • Pulse Oximetry – A pulse oximeter is a small device that attaches to your finger and measures the oxygen in your blood without using a needle. When oxygen levels are low, doctors can better plan out appropriate treatment
  • Pulmonary Function Testing – This is a simple test that evaluates your lung capacity and the body’s ability to transfer oxygen to blood.
  • Respiratory Medication – We supply patients in need with respiratory medication to treat lung disease and other issues as necessary.

For more on St. John’s heart health services, visit our cardiology department. A doctor’s referral may be required for certain services.

Outpatient services do require a physician order and may be scheduled by calling 307.739.7531.

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