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Savannah Korpi | I Can Flip Again

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About this Video

Savannah Korpi, age 9, loves gymnastics and practices with her team several days a week. She also enjoys skiing with her family. Then she fell and broke her leg near her growth plate, and both activities came to an abrupt end. “I was nervous having a little one going under anesthesia for the first time, but they made us feel very comfortable,” said Tina, Savannah’s mom. Savannah’s surgery with Dr. David Khoury got her back on her feet. “Our experience couldn’t have been better. I was impressed beyond belief with the care and attention to detail and the particular needs of a child and a worried mom.” After physical therapy, Savannah is back to tumbling and flipping. “When I did my first back handspring, I was really excited — just really happy that I could actually start doing all the flips that I like to do,” said Savannah.