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Trusted Pediatricians in Jackson Hole

Finding a pediatrician for your young ones can be hard. As a guardian, you take on the responsibility of deciding facilitating your child’s care, and treading this unfamiliar territory can be stressful. Your pediatrician needs to be your teammate and ally in this endeavor, which makes it important to find one you can trust.

It can be easy to grow panicked over any medical condition your child has. A quality pediatrician walks a fine line between reassuring parents over minor concerns and making them aware of issues that need attention without causing undue stress. The St. John’s Health pediatricians were selected to join our team based on their medical expertise, ability to interact with children and teens, and their commitment to creating a strong relationship with parents and guardians.

Specialty Services

St. John's Child & Adolescent Phychiatry provides assessments, diagnostic formulation and treatment plans for patients aged 2-20. We focuse on the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders for children and teens in Jackson Hole.

Additionally, St. John’s Health is proud to have esteemed pediatric cardiologist and diagnostic specialists as part of our local provider network. These are two extremely valuable specialties in pediatric care that allow for better treatment for children with more in-depth medical needs.

  • Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging – Standard imaging techniques are not designed for a child’s anatomy, which can make it difficult to diagnose medical conditions in children. Diagnostic pediatricians craft tests that suit children. They are also experts in analyzing a child’s imaging result, which often has important indicators that other doctors can overlook.
  • Pediatric Cardiology – If your child has a heart condition they should be referred to a pediatric cardiologist. A child’s heart condition is usually diagnosed at birth, but in rare instances they can develop later in life. Pediatric cardiologists are valued medical professionals that can treat young hearts and advise parents and patients on lifestyle choices that will allow the child to live life to
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