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Telehealth Instructions

Install and use a telehealth app

St. John’s Health uses telehealth technology to provide video-based one-on-one appointments for patients. Telehealth is helpful for patients that are unable to travel to a doctor’s office and provides greater access to specialists for patients in rural communities.

Preparing for your appointment

St. John’s Health uses the Zoom application to facilitate telehealth appointments. Zoom is a secure, free, and HIPAA compliant platform. Patients can connect to Zoom using a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that has a microphone, speaker, and camera. A high-speed internet connection is also required.

To load your appointment on Zoom, locate the confirmation email from St. John’s Health. A link in the email will connect you to your video appointment. Even if you have an existing zoom account, your provider must host the meeting to ensure HIPAA compliance. Please check your email and also your spam folder, just to confirm you received the email from St. John’s, and call us if you did not receive a link, before your appointment.

We ask that patients load their appointment on Zoom 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start.

How to Install

We understand you might have concerns about installing and using the Zoom application for your telehealth visit. Follow the steps below for the type of computer you’re using: desktop computer or mobile smartphones and tablets.

Desktop Instructions: 4 easy steps

  1. Click on the link in your St. John’s Health appointment confirmation email. A new internet browser window will automatically open
  2. Click on “Download and Run Zoom.” Then Click “Open/install” when prompted
  3. You are now in the virtual waiting room for your appointment. When your St. John’s Health provider joins the appointment, you will be prompted to join “Audio Conferencing by Computer.” Please click that option.
  4. Finally, to add video, please click the start video button on the bottom of your screen

Smartphone and Tablet Instructions:

  1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play app store (android users) and download the Zoom application. You may need your Apple ID and Password to download the App from the Appstore.
  2. Once the Zoom App is installed, open the appointment confirmation e-mail from St. John’s Health and click the link to join the Zoom meeting. It will automatically open in the app.
  3. Enter your full name then click “continue”
  4. Zoom will ask your permission for several things:
    1. Access the microphone: choose “Allow”
    2. To hear others please join audio: choose “Call using Internet Audio”
    3. Access the camera: choose “Allow”
  5. ​​​You’re now in the virtual waiting room. You might see a waiting room screen before a St. John’s provider can join tha call. If your picture does not show up in the upper right corner, you need to click the start video button.

Click to download these instructions in a PDF with step-by-step pictures. This guide is also available in spanish.

You’re now able to have a telehealth visit at St. John’s Health! If you’re having difficulties installing zoom and connecting, please call the clinic front desk that confirmed your appointment.