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Module 4 - Mindful Movement (10 Minutes)

10 Minute Walking Meditation
  • Category: Foundations of Meditation

About this Video

This is a mindfulness meditation that trains focus and new relationship to the body and the present moment. By practicing awareness and acceptance of the body and its sensations, we train a way of relating to our life with awareness and acceptance. Just like the Body Scan, Mindful Movement allows us to feel the body and become aware of subtle sensations and our wider direct experience (thoughts, emotions, impulses/behaviors). By practicing in movement you can discover opportunities to integrate mindfulness practice into daily activities.


  1. We typically only pay attention to our body when we’re moving or in pain. You may want to deliberately bring attention to regions of the body that are not involved in the movement or that you typically don’t pay any attention to. Notice if there are subtle sensations to feel – which muscles activate to support a position or movement, or where you feel ease. This may invite a new way of moving: not to exercise or to stretch, but simply to feel, while the body is in motion.

  2. Movement can be especially useful when the mind is really busy and the breath isn’t a strong enough anchor to hold your attention. In that case, movement can offer sensation to feel and anchor attention in the present moment, by anchoring attention on the body. Also, when the sensations of the breath, body or your internal experience (thoughts, emotions) are distracting or overwhelming, movement can again provide an alternative sensation to feel and a neutral point of focus to stabilize attention. Movement can help us to complete the stress cycle so Mindful Movement can be an especially useful mindfulness practice to choose when you’re feeling stressed.

  3. You might continue to practice beyond this guided recording and throughout your day by bringing a present moment focused attention to any activity that you do. With openness and curiosity feel what it’s like to move while cooking, walking, eating and explore how being interested in and attentive to your experience can change how you perceive and experience your life.

Journal Reflection Questions:

Pair meditation with reflection. Following each guided meditation, record your responses to the following questions or anything else that comes to mind.

  1. How was this different from how you would normally move?

  2. How did you work with uncomfortable body sensations, if any?

  3. How did mindfulness change the experience? Any surprises? Challenges? Insights?

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