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The Benefits of Physical & Occupational Therapy

The Benefits of Physical & Occupational Therapy

When injury or pain occurs, the first step is often to find a treatment for the issue at hand; the second is to go through with it.

However, each injury is unique, as should the treatment plan. Often these treatments might fall into two categories: physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). Not far from each other, both can be beneficial in helping you get back to your active and more pain-free Jackson lifestyle. Here's why you might consider both:

Injury Recovery

When injury or trauma occurs, a physical therapist will work with you to ensure your injury heals properly; they focus on making sure you get motion and flexibility back, and you're strong enough to get back to an active life. Often this begins in a hospital setting and may continue with at-home treatments.

Fall Prevention

For older patients, fall prevention can be useful, too. Whether you've been injured during a fall or are prone to them, physical therapy can provide you with the tools you need to protect yourself from injury; this is often done by working to improve your balance and mobility.

Occupational Therapy Benefits

The thing that separates PT and OT is that PT works to help you improve the movement of the body while OT focuses on your ability to perform daily activities. This is done through improving your fine motor skills, your range of motion, and any actions that you may require to return to work. Also, you will work to improve your strength and coordination.

Both physical therapy and occupational therapy are structured based on your abilities and injury. The overall goal is to get you back to an active lifestyle while preventing any complications that might come your way.

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Jackson, WY

Looking to take charge of your recovery? With Physical & Occupational Therapy, you’ll work closely with your medical therapists, who instruct you on exercises that will expedite your recovery, so that you can go back to your active and busy life. Talk to one of the providers at Teton Physical Therapy to learn more about your treatment options.