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Dr. Martin Trott Receives National Recognition for Excellence in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Martin Trott Receives National Recognition for Excellence in Sleep Apnea Treatment

St. Johns Health Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon, Martin Trott, MD, Jackson Hole, WY, was recently recognized as an Inspire Physician of Excellence for demonstrating superior commitment to delivering an exceptional patient experience while achieving excellent clinical outcomes with Inspire therapy.

Since Inspire works from inside the body using mild stimulation to treat sleep apnea, the device must be surgically implanted by a surgeon who has received specialized training to offer this procedure. Having now performed more than 100 Inspire implant procedures at St. John’s, Dr. Martin Trott is currently one of the most experienced Inspire implant providers in the United States and the only surgeon to earn this recognition in the Pacific Northwest.

Inspire DeviceInspire therapy is an FDA-approved obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment option for many individuals who have been unable to successfully use other sleep apnea treatment therapies. Inspire is a small device placed during a same-day, outpatient procedure, and it is turned on before sleep by clicking a handheld remote. Many patients who previously tried CPAP therapy for sleep apnea report great satisfaction from no longer being required to use a mask or hose while sleeping.

St. John’s Health, with Dr. Trott and the sleep medicine team, launched the Inspire program in June 2020. “I considered it remarkable that we were able to introduce an important new service during a pandemic, when many hospitals were actually closing – not opening – patient services,” said communications officer Karen Connelly. “It’s a testament to the commitment of the entire care team.”

OSA affects 22 million Americans. Disease modeling indicates that there are thousands of individuals in the region who are currently affected by OSA. In addition to disrupted sleep and snoring, untreated OSA can contribute to serious health issues including memory problems, diabetes, stroke, irregular heartbeat, and other heart problems.

Individuals experiencing any problems sleeping or waking up feeling unrested or suffering daytime fatigue should contact their physician for an evaluation. The Sleep Disorder Center at St. John’s Health offers a full spectrum of diagnostic studies and treatment options. To learn more about St. John’s Sleep Disorder Center, visit For more information about Inspire, visit


Media Contact: Karen Connelly, Chief Communications Officer,, (307) 739-7380