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Inspire Sleep Apnea Surgical Treatment in Jackson, WY

Get Better Sleep with this Innovative Sleep Apnea SolutionCouple in bed talking

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a very common but disruptive sleep disorder that affects about 22 million Americans. OSA is caused by the airway’s soft tissues collapsing and blocking the flow of oxygen. As the brain senses this lack of oxygen, the sleeper wakes up very briefly just long enough to take a breath before falling back asleep. This may happen hundreds of times per night as the cycle repeats itself, causing very poor sleep quality.

Left untreated, OSA can be deadly. It can cause accidents, mood swings, memory loss, stroke, and heart attack.

At St. John’s Health, our Jackson Hole Sleep Disorder Center can effectively diagnose the cause of your sleep disturbances and provide treatments that will help you rest more easily and sleep soundly.

Common Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

The most utilized treatment method for OSA is CPAP, short for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure,” in which the patient wears a mask attached to a hose that blows pressurized air into the mouth to keep the airway open during sleep. However, studies show that about half of the people who are prescribed CPAP do not use it as prescribed. Other treatment options are available, but they may be just as burdensome, such as wearing oral appliances.

How the Inspire Surgical Treatment Can Help OSA Suffers Sleep Better

A new, effective sleep apnea treatment is here. No mask, no hose, just sleep.

couple in bed sleeping near inspire remoteIf you have OSA but cannot not use a CPAP mask or oral appliances, Inspire may be right for you. Rather than having to wear a mask every night, Inspire works inside your body with your natural breathing process. Inspire works by mildly stimulating the airway muscles to keep it open as you sleep. You will be provided a small, handheld remote to turn the Inspire on before you go to bed and turn it off again once you wake up.

How Does Inspire Sleep Apnea Treatment Work?

Inspire is an FDA-approved treatment for OSA that has helped over 8,000 OSA patients across the globe. It works by implanting the Inspire system under the skin of the neck and chest with 3 small surgical incisions during an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day as the procedure. Most patients recover from the short surgical procedure quickly and only require over-the-counter medication to control any discomfort.

Inspire clinical trial results published in January 2014 concluded that patients who use the Inspire treatment had significant reductions in sleep apnea events and substantial improvement in their quality of life. These improvements were sustained during a five-year follow-up in 2019.

Notable outcomes of Inspire therapy include:

  • 90% of patients’ bed partners reported soft or no snoring.
  • Patients had a 79% reduction in sleep apnea events.
  • 94% of patients prescribed Inspire treatment reported satisfaction.
  • 96% of Inspire patients say Inspire is a better, more comfortable treatment compared to CPAP and would recommend it to others.

Is a Sleep Apnea Surgical Option Right for Me?

Inspire is designed to help patients diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA who are unable to use or get consistent benefits from wearing the CPAP mask. Patients should be at least 22 years of age and not be significantly overweight.

For more information or to learn if Inspire Sleep Apnea Surgical Treatment is right for you, take a free online screening or call St. John's Sleep Disorder Center at 307-739-7695.