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Medicare Secondary Provider Guidelines

Who pays first?

If you are seeking health care services and are covered by Medicare and/or other insurers, it is important to know which insurer will cover your medical bills.

There are times when Medicare should pay first, and times when other insurers should pay your medical bills before Medicare. This is called “coordination of benefits” by most insurers. Medicare calls it “Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP).”

Download Medicare's Guide to Who Pays First

To help determine proper payment, Medicare requires you to complete the Secondary Payer Questionnaire.

The Secondary Payer Questionnaire

The Secondary Payer Questionnaire contains a number of questions that will help to determine how your medical expenses should be processed. This questionnaire MUST be filled out at the time of registration FOR EACH VISIT.

This is because the reason for your visit may involve circumstances that require a different form of payment than a previous visit. Please be patient through this process so that we can help you to obtain the proper coverage for your medical bills.

If you have questions about your Medicare coverage, or if your coverage has changed, call the Medicare Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center toll free at: 1.855.798.2626 or TTY users should call: 1.855.797.2627

If you have questions about your Medicare claims with St. John’s Health, please contact Patient Financial Assistance at: Toll Free: 888.733.3636 Local: 307.733.739.7550 Email: