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Orthopedic Conditions

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

If you have a chronic orthopedic condition, you may benefit from therapy interventions, physical modalities, hydrotherapy, gait training, therapeutic exercise, orthotic evaluation and/or application, and instruction in self-care procedures.

Examples of orthopedic conditions include:

  • Hip Fractures
  • Back Surgery
  • Knee or Hip Joint Replacement if: bilateral replacements were performed, or patient is 85 or older, or BMI is 50 or above
  • Major Multiple Trauma

Our Goals

The interdisciplinary team will assist the patient in becoming more independent in his or her activities of daily living, such as dressing, walking, bathing, personal hygiene, and leisure activities.

Specific goals may include:

  • Achieving maximum independence and safety in mobility through therapeutic exercise and safety training
  • Evaluating the need for orthotics, prosthetics, or adaptive equipment
  • Achieving maximum independence in activities of daily living and homemaking skills, providing retraining as needed
  • Strengthening and endurance
  • Pain management

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility in Jackson, WY is now open. Call (307) 739-4917 to learn more.