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Most adults have hemorrhoids occasionally, and fortunately, there are numerous effective treatment options. Hemorrhoids result from the clumps of veins in and around the anus and lower rectum that stretch, swell, and bulge. They can be located either inside or just on the edge of the outside. Although usually hemorrhoids aren’t serious, they can be unpleasant and painful, especially if they are severe or cause bleeding. Signs and symptoms include itching, pain, or tiny bulges around your anus, although this could be from an unrelated condition, which is why it’s important to make an appointment with your doctor to get a confirmed diagnosis. Your doctor may also suggest further tests to rule out other diagnoses. For example, some patients require a colonoscopy if they are older than 50 and haven’t had one recently.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Although many people with hemorrhoids respond well to over the counter treatments and lifestyle changes; other patients require more aggressive treatment such as surgical removal, called hemorrhoidectomy. Your doctor may recommend invasive procedures if your hemorrhoids are painful or bleeding persistently. These treatments, such hemorrhoid banding can be performed in-office, and don’t require anesthesia. Our physicians also offer targeted ligation of hemorrhoid vascular bundles with THD ultrasound guidance under minor sedation. Hemorrhoidectomy can treat severe or recurring hemorrhoids effectively for patients willing to undergo a more panful recovery.

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