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You're Safe in Our Care

Changes to Jackson Hole health services during COVID-19

When COVID-19 first hit Jackson, WY, we shut down nearly all services to focus solely on keeping our community safe. Now, with new precautions in place, we’re ready to bring our services back, so that you can safely get the care you need, even if it does look a little different these days.

Throughout all our facilities, we are taking these measures:

All staff and patients must wear a face covering while in our facilities. Please bring a mask from home to help us conserve PPE. If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one.

Physical distancing:
We are minimizing time in waiting areas, spacing chairs at least 6 feet apart, and reducing the number of patients present through staggered appointments.

Cleaning and sanitizing:
We follow the latest guidelines from the CDC and CMS for timely cleaning and disinfection of all spaces. Rooms that have had COVID-19 patients undergo a thorough cleaning, including a final treatment with a robotic ultraviolet (UV) light that kills viruses and bacteria.

Employee health:
We screen our employees for temperature and symptoms twice during each shift. We have begun randomly testing asymptomatic St. John’s Health staff for COVID-19. The goal is to do our part to reduce spread of the virus among staff, patients, and the community. Based on our results, we can help the community understand the level of asymptomatic carriers in Teton County and isolate/contract trace any positive cases.

Isolating COVID-19 Patients:
Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms uses separate waiting areas, patient rooms, entrances, and spaces from the general population. Positive or suspected COVID-19 in-patients are treated in isolation rooms that are under negative pressure. Once the patient is discharged, the isolation room undergoes a thorough terminal cleaning, followed by the robotic UV light treatment.

Hand sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer may be found in convenient locations throughout our facilities.

Care specifics:

Surgeries and Procedures:
In addition to handling emergency surgery, we are offering non-emergency surgeries and procedures, including those to address orthopedic, gastrointestinal, gynecological, urological, and general surgery medical problems. We test everyone who will be an in-patient following surgery for COVID-19, allowing us to proceed with confidence that we are not inadvertently introducing COVID-19 to the staff and other patients. Any patients that are asymptomatic and test positive won’t be treated until they are recovered. Testing asymptomatic patients help us determine presence of COVID-19 in the community and will be followed up by the Health Department.

We are now offering screening mammograms and colonoscopies, following new safety protocols.

Diagnostic Imaging:
Our diagnostic imaging department is fully open, following the latest guidelines.

Physician Offices:
Our primary and specialty care offices are open for in-person appointments or telehealth visits, which may be conducted from a patient’s home on a computer, phone, or tablet. Safety precautions referenced above are in place.

Emergency Department:
As always, the emergency department is open 24/7. Patients who have COVID-19 symptoms are directed to a separate entrance and are treated in designated isolation rooms. Although wait times are usually minimal, seats in the waiting area are wiped down between patients.

Urgent Care:
See us for any of your urgent care needs. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms should call the hotline at 307.739.4898 x 2 to determine if they should be seen via telehealth.

Birth Center:
We are open for all regular care. Patients in the Birth Center may have one companion for labor and one following delivery. Teton Mammas and the perinatal mental health support group are now being offered online.

Now offering a walk-up, outdoor pickup window for your prescription medications and over-the-counter retail needs. Dedicated parking spots as always.

Sage Living:
All staff members are wearing masks. We take temperatures and oxygen saturation levels twice per shift for staff and twice a day for residents. Please contact Sage Living for up-to-date visitor guidelines and restrictions.

Health is more important than ever. Talk to your provider to schedule in-person or virtual visits