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After Your Baby is Born

Jackson Hole Maternity Services

Our private postpartum rooms are specifically designed to allow you to fully recover from delivery and get acquainted with your newborn. Your postpartum nurse will be your partner in baby care providing unconditional support and education on topics such as breastfeeding, bathing, diapering, and care of the umbilical cord. Because we want you to return home feeling confident in your ability to care for your baby, we encourage questions and open discussion about the joys and challenges of parenthood. Although most of our babies stay in their mothers’ rooms 100% of the time, the nursery is available if you need time to yourself for rest or recovery.

In the event that your baby needs extra support in his or her first days of life, it is reassuring to know that our nursery staff has both the equipment and resources to provide your newborn with the highest level of care. Every attempt is made to deliver care in a manner that fosters bonding between you and your baby. Our Level 1 Nursery accommodates infants needing IV treatments, oxygen, neonatal stabilization, or phototherapy. Newborns needing more definitive care are transferred out of our hospital.


We understand how eager friends and family will be to meet your baby. Visitors are welcome as the family wishes.

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