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Huntsman Cancer Institute Affiliation

Cancer Care in Wyoming & Utah

The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is a cancer research and treatment facility at the University of Utah Health. Through scientific study and comprehensive research endeavors, they have made great strides in cancer treatments. Their work has partnered them with some of the world’s leading cancer centers, and St. John’s Health is proud to be one of their affiliates.

As partners, our two facilities collaborate so that residents of Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas have access to a wide array of cancer specialists from one of the country’s top cancer institutes.

What This Means for Teton County Patients with Cancer

Having led some of the nation’s most influential cancer studies, the HCI oncologists have a great deal of knowledge and experience to offer cancer care professionals. Our staff is privileged to participate in educational courses at the Institute and train in some of the most effective cancer treatments normally only found at large cancer centers. This means our patients have access to large hospital resources in our small, rural Wyoming town.

The HCI and St. John’s affiliation provides us with access to:

  • New developments in cancer research
  • Specialized cancer treatments
  • Oncologists specializing in specific cancers
  • HCI’s expansive oncologic library
  • Online resources for cancer support

Paired with our full-time local oncologist, this affiliation allows individuals diagnosed with cancer to access a wealth of resources close to home.

In the rare occasions when our hospital does not have the equipment you need, our patients already have a connection to a hospital one state over where doctors can easily access their medical records and contact their primary care provider.

You can learn more about our cancer services by calling 307.739.6195.