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HIPAA & Compliance

St. John’s Health Confidentiality

The medical information a patient shares with St. John's or any health care provider should be private information. HIPAA is the formal way to assure patients a provider takes the commitment to protect their medical information seriously.

St. John's Healthmakes the following commitments to their patients to give that assurance.

  • Commit to respect the privacy of all health care information and give patients a list of ways they will use or disclose the information within the industry standard guidelines. Also, committing to get a patient’s specific, written authorization to do things outside those industry standard uses and disclosures guidelines. (The Privacy Rule).
  • Commit to follow industry standard guidelines for securing patient information in any place it is stored or accessed by staff of the provider organization as well as any other organizations or contractors the provider relies on to run their business (aka Business Associates or BAs). (The Security Rule).
  • Commit to tell the patient (and proper authorities), as soon as possible, if any unauthorized access to the private information occurs because everyone understand there is no such thing as completely secure and infallible systems for paper or electronic information. (The Breach Rule).

St. John's HIPAA & Compliance Manual documents in great detail the steps we take to comply with our obligations to protect your medical information.

To report a compliance issue please call the confidential Compliance Hotline at 307.739.7468

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