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Primary Care Unit

Medical Services in Jackson

The Primary Care Unit (PCU) cares for patients of all ages with a variety of diagnoses, including those who are staying in rooms dedicated to our Peak Joint Replacement and Spine Programs. Medical staff is readily available here so that patients can receive whatever care they need as fast as possible. Our professional registered nurses work with certified nursing assistants, care coordinators, and designated charge nurses to ensure any immediate or long-term concerns are addressed.

Primary care unit patients have access to the following:

  • Doctor reports at patients’ bedsides
  • Reports available for families so they can stay updated on the plan of care
  • Bar code scanning for medication delivery
  • Onsite pharmacists to provide education on medications
  • Nurse call button by each bed
  • Overview of services during check in so patients have full access to our features

To facilitate easy communication between patients and nurses, each bed is in close proximity to a convenient nurse call system. Patients need only press a button to have a nurse reach out to them through an intercom or by visiting their room. Through this service, no patient should have to wait on pain or inconvenience until a staff member walks by their room.

Pediatric Patients

Having a child admitted to the hospital can be scary for both the child and parent. For this reason we permit and encourage parents to stay with their children during their stay—we can even accommodate sleeping arrangements for you. Making your child feel calm and safe is one of our primary concerns.

For safety purposes, we require that children wear hospital attire for the duration of their stay.

Visiting Hours

Visitors are a wonderful way to help patients feel happier and more at ease, and we encourage friends and loved ones to visit during appropriate hours. Visiting hours in the Primary Care Unit are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Visitors under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Some visits may be restricted due to the patient’s condition, or upon the request of the patient. If you want to bring a balloon to the hospital, please make sure it is made of mylar and not latex, as some of our patients may be allergic.