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Augmented Reality

First and Only AR Spine Surgery in Wyoming

The skilled surgeons at St. John’s Health use state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) during spine surgery to achieve outstanding results. This technology gives the surgeon “x-ray vision,” allowing them to visualize the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue. Computer-assisted surgery provides real time, 3D imaging of the spine allowing for incredibly accurate placement of hardware during spinal fusion procedures.

See Through Surgery

The intuitive design of the XVision headset aligns the surgeon’s hands and eyes, removing the need to look at a remote screen. A transparent augmented reality display on the headset projects 3D anatomy and instrument details without obstructing the operative view. Unlike traditional navigation seen in operating rooms, XVison guides the surgeon’s instruments and implants intraoperatively, in real time, and superimposes them on the patient's CT data. These visualizations provided by the system keep the surgeon’s focus on the patient at all times.

Xvision by Augmedics:
  • All-In-One Computer and Software Workstation
  • 1st FDA-cleared augmented reality surgical guidance system
  • Projects CT scan data directly onto surgeons’ retina using transparent near-eye headset

Watch to learn more about augmented reality in spine surgery:

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