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Jackson Partial Knee Replacement, WY

Procedures to Repair Damaged Parts of the Knee

The knee consists of several parts, including the medial (inside) section, outside (lateral) section, and kneecap. A partial knee replacement can repair the joint if only one or two components are damaged. Like other joint replacement procedures, partial knee surgery should only be used as a last resort when more conservative options like physical therapy and medications have failed.

Candidates for Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement is most often recommended for patients with early-stage osteoarthritis, where damage is in one or two components of the knee. This means that the cartilage in that specific area of the knee is damaged and causes pain, stiffness, and difficulty with everyday activities. Arthritis that has spread to three or more parts of the knee requires total knee replacement surgery.

You may be a candidate for partial knee surgery if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your pain has not improved with medication, physical therapy, or other conservative treatments
  • You have trouble moving your knee and experience daily pain
  • The anterior cruciate ligament is still intact and uninjured
  • Only one or two parts of the knee have been damaged by injury or arthritis

Arthritis that has spread to three or more parts of the knee requires total knee replacement surgery.

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacements leave healthy knee tissue intact, removing only the damaged and diseased portions of the joint.

Expected Results

Recovery after a partial knee replacement is generally faster than a total knee replacement. You should be able to start moving your knee immediately after the surgery. You should participate in outpatient physical therapy, where you will spend several weeks easing the knee back into normal function.

Full function is expected to return over the following weeks as the pain subsides. Most patients return to an active lifestyle in approximately six to eight weeks, but it may take up to up to six months to fully recover and resume more strenuous activities.

The main recovery goals after a partial knee replacement are to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and regain strength and function in the affected knee.

For more information, contact the Joint & Spine Center at 307.739.6199.

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