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Jackson Total Knee Replacement

Treatment for Advanced Joint Disease & Injury

Total knee replacement is the recommended treatment for patients with advanced arthritis or severe injury that have not found success with more conservative methods like physical therapy and medication. In this procedure, all of the damaged knee tissue is removed and replaced with an artificial joint made of metal and/or other materials.

Total Knee Replacement with the Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm is a state-of-the-art surgical tool that can make precise movements in confined areas. During surgical procedures, a specially trained surgeon controls all of the arms movements using a control panel. The robot offers patients a more personalized and more precise surgical experience.

Benefits of a total knee replacement include:

  • Extensive pre-planning for a more personalized experience.
  • Precise movements of the robotic arm do not disturb surrounding healthy tissue during surgery
  • Patients generally recover faster from robot-assisted surgeries than tradition operations

What Happens During Total Knee Surgery?

Robotic arm surgery begins with a CT scan of the affected knee. The results of the scan are uploaded into the robot software which creates a 3D model of the joint. This model is used to pre-plan the procedure and create a customized replacement for the knee.

The surgeon will make an incision in the knee and use the robotic arm to remove damaged tissue and bone. The replacement knee components will then be secured to the bone using pre-planned guidelines created using the robot software. Once the joint is in place, the surgical site is closed up and you will be taken to a recovery room to rest.

Expected Results

It will take some time to get used to the new joint. Most patients need to spend time in physical therapy before they fully recover. There may be some pain in the knee after the operation, but this should go away in time. You should experience long-lasting pain relief after you’ve recovered from the procedure.