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About Our Medical Staff

Physicians in Teton County

With more than 150 providers, St. John’s Health provides comprehensive health services in Teton County. These medical professionals provide services in everything from anesthesiology to urology for patients of all ages. Click here for a full list of services and to learn more about what our team does.

Our physicians are backed up by a medical support staff comprised of certified practitioners such as physician assistants, surgical assistants, surgical technicians, advance nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, social workers, family counselors, lactation specialists, and an audiologist. Working as a whole, our medical team is highly capable and ready to help you with virtually any medical condition.

Leadership and Bylaws

The medical staff is managed by an elected team of medical leaders. This leaderboard is a team of doctors who have been proven themselves to peers and patients as compassionate, capable physicians.

Elected medical staff leaders:

  • Marcia Lux, MD
    Chief of Staff

  • A.J. Wheeler, MD
    Vice-Chief of Staff, Emergency Services Representative

  • Marc Domsky, DO
    Secretary-Treasurer, Hospital-Based Representative

  • Anna Catino, MD
    Internal Medicine, FP/GP & Psychiatry Rep

  • Tiffany Milner, MD
    Hospitalist Representative, Chief of Medicine

  • Rafael Williams, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery Representative

  • Eric Wieman, MD
    Non-Orthopedic Surgery Representative, Chief of Surgery

  • Karin Klee, MD
    Pediatrics Representative, Chief of Perinatal

  • Shannon Roberts, MD
    OB/GYN Representative

  • Edward Callaghan, MD
    MEC At-Large Representative

  • Jim Little, Jr, MD
    MEC At-Large Representative

These leaders manage and represent various St. John's departments, ensuring that all adhere to our mission and values. They, along with the rest of the team, are responsible for upholding the medical staff bylaws.

To reach our Medical Staff Services department for questions about our physician policies and rotations, please contact Amanda Meekins at or call 307.739.7514.

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